A web log is considered a multimedia – meaning capable of managing texts, graphics, videos, and audio (music) – platform that many Internet enthusiasts are enjoyably exploring.  One of the major features that Internet users and web log enthusiasts are enjoying to explore is the capability to embed music on a web log site.  

WordPress is capable of addressing this demand from the users with its ability to include music plug-ins onto the web log entry.  In fact, WordPress is able to support almost all types of audio files and audio forms that range from bit audio playlists, FM lists, Tuner lists, podcasts, and MP3 compatible files.  

So, what are the things to remember when you would like to embed music on your web log? When you want to embed music on your web log, what you basically need to do is to carefully study your various options.  

a.    You can choose to embed a music on your blog via uploading any mp3 file or any compatible files from any link that you can find on the Internet and use the address being provided by WordPress to produce a music player that will be embedded then on your blog.
b.    You can purchase a third party software that can be used to upload the music files that you want on your blog,  Although this third party software may be a bit expensive, the features that it has are excellently good.
c.    You can place a link directly from somewhere else and allow for it to  be played based on your reader’s system player.

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