Podcasting for teaching is now being applied by many educational institutions.  In fact, there are schools that integrate podcasting as part of regular course.  There are also some educators who use podcasting as a supplement for their traditional instruction methodologies.  

Using podcasting for teaching purposes has several areas to consider.  Educators should carefully plan their podcasting in order to maximize its benefits not just for them but for their students.

First, educators need to determine the materials or content that will be included in a podcast or series of podcast.  Organization of content is important in order to provide students with a systematic learning experience.

As part of podcast content preparation, educators should list what their priority podcast areas are.  They should decide whether their lectures should be recorded for podcast.  They must also decide if the podcast should only contain supplementary lessons and resources.  In this way, students will not get confused about the podcast.  The nature of the podcast should be clear to them.

Second, educators need to determine if they will use podcasting to elicit positive student engagement.  If this is the case, student produced podcasts should be included in the course.  This means that educators need to assign specific topics for every student to podcast.  Some studies found out that this method can significantly improve student class participation.

Podcasting is a very effective teaching method.  It is a technology familiar with students and they are comfortable with it.  If used creatively to enhance the learning process, podcasting can help students improve their performance at school.

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