In businesses today, customer loyalty is hard to maintain. With all the competitions and media advertising, it is hard to sustain peoples interest in a particular product and service. Media, advertising and promotions are contributing to various reasons why people are attracted to changing products.

Customer loyalty has various factors to consider. One of these includes having several competitors struggling to get the same customers. With multiple companies competing, customer loyalty is compromised. Nowadays people are having a hard time choosing even a simple brand of toothpaste because of the numerous brands and variety offered in the market. Products with better service can create customer loyalty. Products need to provide customer satisfaction if they want to be ahead of their game. Some companies even provide bonuses and incentives just to get more customers.

Sometimes expensive high-end products are given priority by customers because of its quality and the status it promotes to consumers. In this case, good marketing and promotions works well to get the loyalty of customers. Some people doesnt look at the price tag, they value packaging and product name better than how much it cost. Other reasons for customer loyalty depend on how the product is set apart from other competitors. People tend to use the product that claims they are the number one company in the industry. These are some of the reasons that affect peoples choice for a specific product. If companies want to get customer loyalty in their merchandise, they need to study these factors to successfully obtain their goals. 

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