Work with administrative services and accounting departments, the human resources department and the Family Office to create and maintain distribution lists for time sensitive and confidential mail.

More Uses of the Family Office Toolkit:

  • Identify and administer or support communication mechanisms to share information on common areas of interest.
  • Coordinate input from outside counsel and professional service providers in relevant areas.
  • Ensure your goal to provide outstanding client service in order to help your clients achieve financial goals.
  • Initiate: desire and commitment to developing new business and expanding your organizations relationships with existing clients.
  • Establish that your enterprise delivers a high quality work product; prioritizes work; follows established procedures to complete individual, team and departmental deliverables.
  • Be accountable for outstanding research, analysis, and communication skills are a must, as is self initiative, resourcefulness, and a teamwork mindset.
  • Evaluate: effectively manage workflow and processes through clear communication that is simple, effective and customized.
  • Secure that your group leads new business meetings and closes sales to organizational/Family Office investors.
  • Ensure you negotiate; solid foundation in Family Office and Private Trust organization billing, fees, expense allocation and related services agreements.
  • Identify new investment areas that align with philosophy, values, and portfolio.
  • Ensure your business complies; completes subscription agreements for investment funds to be held in trusts.
  • Head: professional and discrete; able to handle sensitive information appropriately and liaise with colleagues and auditors effectively.
  • Warrant that your enterprise takes initiative to share unique job related skills with other Legal Administrators and other staff; shares newly acquired knowledge with the Legal Administration team.
  • Provide administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the Family Office.
  • Oversee accounting and financial activities for the family and the investment office.
  • Evaluate: source, research, and evaluate external managers and potential direct investments.
  • Direct: controller to lead day to day financial needs for the office and for family members.
  • Ensure you pioneer; solid foundation in reporting for individuals, trusts, and entities held by trusts.
  • Pilot: implement extensive training and development and partnership/ organization equity opportunities.
  • Ensure you bolster; lead the management and maintenance of data integrity for performance reporting and other internal processes.
  • Coordinate: way that demonstrates respect and care for family and staff and exceeds expectations.
  • Maintain relationships with vendors and identify additional potential providers.
  • Guide: research deep dive into verticals and/ or industries to better analyze direct investments.
  • Develop: cresset partners, your private investing group, offers clients direct access to real estate, private equity, and other investment opportunities.
  • Lead and/or lead projects around investment products or thought Leadership.


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