Features of an ITIL sample test

ITIL® exam takers are often provided with sample test questionnaires to prepare them for the real examination. There are sample exam questionnaires that are based on actual ITIL® papers so that you can experience the real thing.
Each sample test consists of 40 questions. All questions provide you with 4 choices to choose as answers, with only 1 possible correct answer. You have to answer all questions within an hour and get a passing grade of at least 26 right answers.
Sample test questions
Basically, the test questions you will be provided with all have a relationship to ITIL®. It includes questions such as: How can you best describe the key characteristics of Service Desk Staff? For what purpose is this particular ITIL® process responsible for? What kind of information does configuration management provide for in management of an organization? There are many possible answers given in a range of choices per question – but the test taker must only choose one answer per question, which would be the best answer as far as he is concerned.
Questions such as these are provided by the ITIL® foundations to test the skills of exam takers and help them prepare for the actual exam. The sample test provided helps exam takers train for the disciplines of configuration management, service desk management, incident management, problem management, change management, release management, SLM, financial management, availability management, capacity management, ITSCM and other subjects as well. This is very useful to the test taker who wants to get the most comprehensive knowledge in ITIL® that he can get.
Though a sample test may include only some questions similar to those in the real exam, it can still adequately prepare the test taker to be at his best and be able to perform well during the actual exam.

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