Google has provided AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool as a tool that provides recommended keywords based on a keyword that users have entered or a URL website that needs to be analyzed.  The tool allows AdWords subscribers to get new keyword ideas towards creating their website keywords or improving their keywords as applied in their Google AdWords account.

Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool has the following features:

1. It has keyword list sorting.   
Results of your keyword search are sorted by popularity, performance history within the AdWords system, cost, and predicted ad position.
2. It has easy keyword manipulation.  
Select a few keywords or add new keywords to your existing keywords.  Download your keyword list on a .csv file.
3. It provides three ways to search for keywords.
This is by using the keywords you enter, your existing high click through rate keywords, or any webpage URL for your search.
4. It provides more keyword results based on regularly updated statistics.  
Provides the latest information on potential keywords used for advertising campaigns.

AdWords Suggestion Tool allows Google’s userbase to select keywords based on past searches.  It shows estimated bid costs and rank based on advertiser’s bid price, shows advertiser’s competition and search volume.  This tool also makes it easy for users to manipulate data from any of the sources and add them to a masterlist.  

The AdWords Suggestion Tool allows advertiser’s to better sell their targeted ads than searches on broad generic terms would.  It consolidates the less common search queries which includes misspellings and among others to fewer overall phrases and provides a more predictable patterns since the search term suggestions are based from past popular searches

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