One of the VMware software products that VMware, Inc. develops is the VMware Workstation 6.  The VMware Workstation 6 makes one physical computer machine to run multiple operating systems at same time. The VMware Workstation 6 makes it easy for users to create and run multiple virtual machines  .  VMware Workstation is compatible with Windows, Linux and other host operating systems

Some of the features of the VMware Workstation 6 are:
1. It uses multiple operating systems on same PC.  Users are able to switch between operating systems, share files between viirtual machines and access on all peripheral devices. 
2. It takes Snapshots & Videos of Virtual Machines.  The VMware Worklstation provides a display thumbnails snapshots of what you have work on, on a single screen.  This makes it easy in tracking and reverting to return to your work at any time.
3. It runs an Entire Multi-tier System on a Single Host Computer.  Allows you to create teams, considered as virtual network environments consisting of  a client, server and database virtual machines.  This enables administrator to identify what virtual machines needs to be turned in or off, suspend or resume utilization based on team designations.
4. It allows you to make copies of your virtual machines from a sngle installation and configuration process.
5. It has the ability to create and deploy secure virtual machines allowing users to take their desktops with them.

The VMware Workstation 6 is more about managing multiple virtual machines, each having its own processor, memory, network connections and peripheral ports with a single host computer working on it.

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