Comments are very important for every blog post. These provide the readers’ feedbacks and permit the blogger to know whether the blog appeals to the readers or not. It may also allow him to think of some ways on how to improve his post or make a lively discussion about a certain topic. WordPress, being one of the widely used blog applications, is also providing the ability to post and read comments. One of the most helpful tools for comments that it has made is the WordPress Recent Comments.

The WordPress Recent Comments is a plug-in used to show the excerpts of the trackbacks or latest comments on the blogsite’s sidebar. It is very different from the usual comment box within a blogsite because WordPress Recent Comments allows the user to control its appearance. For example, the user can control the number of comments to be displayed, the html layout, and the length of the comment excerpts.

WordPress Recent Comments also allows the user to arrange the comments whether by the corresponding posts or by the date. It also permits separating the pingbacks and the trackbacks from the comments. Filtering out the unwanted pingbacks and ignoring some comments may also be allowed by this plug-in.

Included to the WordPress version that is supported by the Recent Comments are the 2.3, 2.2, 2.0, and 1.5. It is also more fun to use because of its support for widgets and gravatars. With these exciting features offered by WordPress Recent Comments, no wonder why it is one of the most widely-used plug-ins of WordPress.

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