For Vmware fanatics, there is a new release which will help you increase your productivity. This new release is called Fedora 8 or Fedora werewolf. This is a new release which also includes a significantly new version of assorted key concepts as well as innovative technologies. While it has a lot of really great features, its most salient offerings include the addition of Gnome 2.2, KDE 3.5.8, an Online Desktop application, Network Manager 0.7 and Xfce 4.4.1.

The Network manager feature will allow you to have impeccable support for wireless network management. Additionally, there is a new feature called Pulse Audio, which is a great new installation and can be enabled by default. There is also Codec Buddy included as well as Compiz Fusion, which is a compositing window manager which can efficiently re-merge both Compiz and Beryl (and this is also installed by default). Another salient feature would be the revolutionary and completely free Java environment which is called Iced Tea that is installed by default and is also an open source application.

For you to be able to run Fedora on your virtual machine there are many different types of tutorials which you can look at online to teach you how to install the Vmware server using the Fedora Desktop System. When you use the Vmware Server, you can have the freedom to create as well as run a guest operating system, which also has the benefit of being able to run multiple operating systems using the same hardware.

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