Lead the marketing team in the development and implementation of innovative marketing and advertising initiatives to drive Fiber To The Home, Business Fiber, and Hosted Voice solutions in current and expansion markets.

More Uses of the Fiber To The Home Toolkit:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with end users, colleagues, and management to quickly resolve issues and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate often to reinforce and support the reasoning behind the change and the impact to your customers, your operations, and your employees.
  • Ensure you understand, maintain and repair existing equipment by using test sets to locate a line or equipment trouble and determine necessary repairs.
  • Ensure your organization maintains current industry knowledge, evaluates products for the purpose of acquisitions to meet the needs of the client.
  • Drive: direct market data gathering and analyzing data for use in developing marketing and sales strategies to maximize roi.
  • Arrange that your organization improves work efficiency by recommending method improvements, budget expenditures, equipment uses and modified construction practices.
  • Establish that your organization assures the quality of installations repairs meets organization standards and customer expectations.
  • Be accountable for designing and conducting technical training programs for other employees; providing references and support.
  • Ensure you understand, maintain and repair existing equipment by using test sets to locate line or equipment trouble and determine necessary repairs.
  • Perform quality checks of mapping and network design and negotiate/approve design and/or construction changes.
  • Recognize and understand how to configure the customers equipment to connect to the Internet via modem/wireless router.
  • Confirm your organization performs troubleshooting at time of installation and on scheduled service calls from the tap to the customers selected locations.
  • Provide employees with formal performance feedback and coaching, consider areas of focus going forward, and determine opportunities for improvement.
  • Perform sustaining engineering by studying quality defects, suggesting corrective actions, and coordinating the efforts of all departments to implement design changes.
  • Manage professional conduct holding team, peers, and yourself accountable for adherence to values, polices, and performance standards.
  • Standardize: role model safe work practices and personally champion a proactive, behavioral based safety agenda that links safety consciousness into all daily activities.
  • Serve as business lead for the development of market strategies, actions, and performance updates, helping to disseminate information to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Establish that your organization maintains network performance by performing network monitoring and analysis, and performance tuning; troubleshooting network problems; escalating problems to vendor.
  • Direct: continually embracing high quality products while leveraging new technology and promoting personal growth.
  • Encourage feedback from employees, bring feedback to leadership, and bring leadership response back to team.
  • Arrange that your organization promotes safety awareness among employees and assures compliance with safety regulations and reporting.
  • Ensure you measured via monthly scorecard, annually in the performance management system, and employee actions taken.
  • Secure that your organization provides for a safe work environment by training workers, investigating accidents and enforcing all organization and regulatory authority safety rules and regulations.
  • Manage work with other members of the management team to develop and implement strategic plans to achieve department goals.
  • Provide detailed designs and engineering for all physical Inside Plant aspects on commercial customer product delivery projects.


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