With technological advances, sharing information via the internet or intranet has never
been easier.  You can now share information securely or via online posts that are
available to the public.  This is because content management has been implemented in
most web sites and programs today by automating menial tasks (like cities, field titles,
status, etc.).  Another big advantage of content management is the easy change of field
titles and other information.  Resumes for jobseekers, 201 files for employees, school
records for students among others can already be easily updated via content management

Aside from changing field titles, status, location, etc., content management can also
automatically convert any information submitted and saved into its system into any form
of document that is ready to be reviewed and printed by authorized people.  Documents,
images that have been scanned can also be integrated into the system for easier sharing.

The goal of content management is the sharing of information.  Therefore, in an effective
content management system, authorized individuals and organizations should be able to
easily access, edit, search and retrieve documents, forms and other information.  Editing,
updating, revising and correcting information should not be complicated and the
changing of titles, location and other pertinent information should be easily done. 
Templates, help wizards and other forms of easy to follow instructions should be

Securing of data is also one of the major features of content management and any
information in the fields cannot be changed by unauthorized individuals.  Therefore,
fields entered and stored in the system are protected and secured.


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