Confirm your organization ensures all internal stakeholders (Finance, Sales, Operations, Product Management, executives) are apprised of status, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), issues, and risks and are aligned and fully engaged with the program.

More Uses of the Finance Toolkit:

  • Manage the customer service team to build out processes that support your growing customer base, collaborating closely with sales, legal, Finance, marketing and engineering.
  • Drive the dissemination of commercial Finance knowledge across the business to improve business insight and enable better decisions to be made.
  • Deploy, support, and maintain all dashboards, reports and other tools presented to various teams throughout your organization.
  • Lead: direct and lead collaboration between enterprise systems and procurement, legal, and Finance organizations to maximize contract value and mitigate risk.
  • Standardize: work closely with the Transformation Office, Finance, and Marketing teams to ensure alignment and cohesion and develop a single source of truth for analysis.
  • Manage: it create new opportunities for poor people and communities by increasing access to inclusive Finance and investment capital.
  • Direct: transformation and turnaround enable Finance to serve as your organization partner and support better business performance.
  • Ensure you based on organizational needs and expected outcomes, provide leadership to plan and coordinate strategic initiatives of the Finance Department.
  • Ensure your organization serves as your organization liaison to the Finance Department; oversees proper compliance at organization level for monetary transactions and procedures.
  • Collaborate with Finance, supply chain and project management to ensure new products deliver on growth, revenue and profitability goals.
  • Drive projects, provide accounting guidance and often serve as first point of contact for Finance and business partners to resolve issues.
  • Collaborate with the leadership and Finance teams to align operational goals with your financial plan, and develop a method to evaluate the return on investment across the business.
  • Extract data from multiple system resources, interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports.
  • Warrant that your organization participates in auditing procedures as conducted by your organization Finance Department regarding financial transactions.
  • Analyze inventory performance to develop and execute optimization plans with Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Finance leaders.
  • Arrange that your organization uses independent judgment and discretion in determining and deciding upon procedures to be utilized, in setting priorities, and in maintaining standards and resolving problems.
  • Control: collaboration on contract administration processes and requirements with the revops and Finance teams in order to ensure a thorough, efficient, and effective collection of contracts related data.
  • Ensure you lead rigorous and objective contract negotiations with key internal stakeholders, Finance, legal department and support groups.
  • Manage: partner closely with infosec, people team, legal, Finance, and other key business stakeholders on corporate IT projects and initiatives.
  • Methodize: partner with Finance in identifying gaps, develop/create business requirements, and document the user stories and translate business requirements into technical solutions.
  • Arrange that your organization provides input on managerial or administrative policies and procedures, prepares productivity information and workload evaluations.
  • Oversee origination of new transactions/business development and marketing with private equity clients, in particular regarding sponsor middle market direct lending and leveraged Finance.
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