Network management is an effective method of maintaining the company’s network
system through a systematic control, monitoring, configuring and troubleshooting of
network resources. Free network management tools are already available online so that
IT managers, technicians and network administrators can provide easier administration,
operation and maintenance to the network system.

There are several tools that can help companies in this task. Some of them can be
downloaded for free in the internet. These free network management tools can help
professionals whether they have small or huge businesses properly manage and control
their network. Free tools can also be used for home network management. These free
network management tools can provide security to the network and will assist in easier
access of shared files, folders and printers as well as assist in the management of network
resources and connections.

In large companies, it is important to have a comprehensive corporate network system.
Without proper maintenance and operation in networking, it will be difficult to provide
users and clients a good network service.  A network manager’s job is to ensure that
network downtimes are avoided or kept to a minimal.  Getting free network management
tools can do the more tedious jobs for the network manager or administrator. With free
network management tools, administrators or network managers can easily perform and
analyze real-time, in-depth, network performance metrics for routers, switchers, servers,
and all other network related tasks.

Free network management tools can also perform maintenance work, repairs and
upgrades so that companies can easily accommodate growth and increase network
performance as the need arises.

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