CompTIA has been one of the leading vendor neutral certifications in the world and has been continually growing in the past 25 years.  With different certification programs for different specialties, CompTIA is now one of the biggest IT associations in the world with more than 22,000 members in over 100 countries.  It is no wonder that many individuals want to take the CompTIA certification exams.  And it is because of the exams that many books for CompTIA certification are now being published and sold all over the net, bookstores and IT shops.

CompTIA or the Computing Technology Industry Association was founded in 1982 by five microcomputer dealers and registered initially as the Association of Better Computer Dealers or ABCD.  As members grew, and with more certifications being issued and created, it later changed its name to CompTIA with the purpose of meeting the demands of the ever-growing computer industry.  Books for CompTIA certification can be found in almost every bookstore worldwide.  But with the advent of the internet, these books have now become portable document files for easy download and reading.  Some books for CompTIA certification have practice exams and CD-ROM computer based training materials to help you along as you study.

There are around 14 CompTIA certifications ranging from the basics of computer technology to networking and infrastructure security.  In just a span of 14 years since the certification program began in 1993, more than 900,000 certifications have been granted to qualified individuals worldwide.  With so many certification programs, looking for an all-in-one book for CompTIA certification are never seen.  Instead, books on specific CompTIA exams are published and sold.


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