Companies nowadays enter into venture into different businesses in the name of profit. Companies merge, separate, buy out, or invest in other companies and organizations in order to increase their strength in the market.  And all of them enter into contracts and agreements, especially when they start outsourcing their IT services.  It is common knowledge that these service contracts will have service level agreements where they can define the specifics of the services they are going to provide.  And it will surely help if they are provided an example of a service level agreement.

Service level agreements or SLA have been around since the late 80s when telecom companies started creating contracts to their corporate accounts.  These contracts explained in detail the expected performance, availability, operation and other qualities of the service.  An example of a service level agreement can be seen in many websites just by doing a quick search.  These samples are usually free and can be downloaded for review purposes.

With the emergence and the fast growth of the IT industry, service level agreements have become more popular and in demand.  More and more examples were made public and changes have been made to make the agreement in line with the times.  These examples usually are business in nature and do not provide much detail in terms of the specifics of the service they are going to provide. 

A typical example of a service level agreement will usually include the definition of the service provided, performance expected, problem resolving capabilities, expected customer duties, warranties of service, and other data that are relevant to the service being requested and availed.

Service level agreements need not be a tedious task for any company.  Several are available for download complete with an example of a service level agreement ready for review. 

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