The increasing popularity of balanced scorecard also increased the demand for information regarding this management method. The popularity can be attributed to the extraordinary success of companies that are implementing the system. These developments encouraged other management professionals to study and seek concrete applications of the system. They usually search for real life examples of balanced scorecard success.

Examples of balanced scorecard implementations and success stories can be found on business websites and institutions that specialize on business process management. One can find detailed examples of balanced scorecard application on every major industry. There are examples of system applications in the IT industry, banking and finance, service, and many more. Some examples show the successful application of the system to multinational corporations and global companies that implemented balanced scorecard. Examples are also available for balanced scorecard applications on small companies and medium enterprises.

Non-profit organizations and some government agencies are also implementing balanced scorecard. Their practices are well documented and it could also be studied by management practitioners. These best practices and success stories are important. The examples provide a rich source of knowledge for managers. The experience gained by companies and organizations that implemented balanced scorecard can be a model for their own company.

The balanced scorecard examples and best practices are also important for students of corporate management. Their skills on project and business management can be enhanced by the examples provided. Balanced scorecard success stories can be a useful tool in understanding the intricacies of business management.

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