Provide technical support/engineering for network/cloud firewalls, network/cloud Intrusion detection/prevention systems, virtual private networks, and web security gateways

More Uses of the Firewalls Toolkit:

  • Organize: interface with all levels of internal and customer management on all aspects of planning, scheduling, organizing, directing and controlling the program.
  • Establish proactive, confidence inspiring client and support team relationships to ensure support, maintenance and project work meet business goals.
  • Direct: consistently conduct in depth test of customers systems of the current and newly implemented infrastructure for IT security to ensure policies and settings are applied correctly.
  • Collaborate with other leaders, advisors, and partners in the formulation and execution of the Technology strategies in support of your organizations overall business plan.
  • Be accountable for administering servers, desktop computers, printers, routers, switches, firewalls, mobile devices, software deployment, security updates, and patches.
  • Provide expertise to conduct integration, development, deployment, recapitalization, operations, and maintenance support for a variety of security technologies.
  • Ensure your organization provides daily ongoing deployment, configuration, support, administration, maintenance and technical solutions to various technology components that make up the IT Infrastructure environment.
  • Ensure your organization architects solutions and monitors compliance with your organizations information security policies and procedures among employees, contractors, and other third parties.
  • Maintain, patch, operate, and support the incident response tools, and architect, deploy, test, maintain, patch, operate, and support any new tools supporting incident response.
  • Be accountable for building security strategies, firewalls and systems unique to your organization, encompassing your data, systems, hardware, components and networks.
  • Provide active leadership and articulate to the Project Management Team what is needed for success and lead the other Engineers to ensure tasks are being completed accurately and timely.
  • Establish: exposure to firewalls, switches, data loss prevention, intrusion detection/prevention, security event monitoring technologies, system hardening, and other common cybersecurity tools.
  • Ensure your organization admins are tasked with the design, installation and support of networking equipment and servers/systems, in compliance with your organization and industry security standards.


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