In landing pages, the most common mistake that any maintainer may commit is that he could overwhelm the visitors with too much Information in loads that it could be considered as irrelevancies or nuances.
And there’s an art in doing it all.
For one, the maintainer could balance the value of video clips as well as write-ups, and if still found wanting, then he could include the flash landing pages on his Website, but these should not, of course, be towards the disadvantage of speed.
In putting all of these together in one dynamic Website, the view and perception of reliability is raised on the visitor’s mind and he is more likely to enjoy and stay on that Website over long periods of time until his task is done.
Although speed creates the disadvantage as it tends to be the one, which suffers first from the overloading of the Website with too much Information, and this will soon to be followed by the visitor himself.
Now flash landing pages tend to be flashy, in their very nature, they must be able to provide the Information or the general message of the Website in the fastest and clearest way possible.
And this should always be the case, as many people view flash landing pages as the harbinger of computer viruses, and tend to view them with distrust.
To counter this, the maintainer falls back in the same concept of projecting incorruptibility that would make the visitor to think twice about closing down the flash landing page.

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