Participate in various requirements sessions with internal and external stakeholders and convert business / functional requirements into technical solutions, along with supporting materials as use cases, designs, Flowcharts, models, specifications, and reports.

More Uses of the Flowcharts Toolkit:

  • Obtain, analyze and evaluate accounting documentation, previous reports, data, Flowcharts etc.
  • Ensure you negotiate; recommend to be process map designs using Cross functional Flowcharts.
  • Manage work with teams to design, implement and iterate wireframes and Flowcharts.
  • Develop and implement process Flowcharts for IT developers to follow.
  • Manage to design detailed step by step Flowcharts for computing and to make a roadmap for writing code to work as planned.
  • Iterate based on validated learning More Flowcharts, wires, and designs often in collaboration with the research team.
  • Develop Flowcharts/process maps and detailed procedures recommending process changes.
  • Evaluate existing business processes by utilizing Flowcharts, manuals and other documentation outlining current practices.
  • Develop detailed Flowcharts to show processing logic for simple programs.
  • Orchestrate: design conceptual and logical data models and Flowcharts.
  • Manage work with developers to design algorithms and Flowcharts.
  • Devise: design algorithms and Flowcharts to create new software programs and systems.
  • Ensure you amplify; lead process reengineering evaluating functional processes and creating detailed Flowcharts of the lead process to be automated.
  • Formulate: development of the functional system design, writing functional specifications, creation of testing plans, developing written procedures, business rules, Flowcharts, reporting, screen definition, logical system flow, and implementation plans.
  • Prepare Flowcharts and budgets for media plan development and maintenance.
  • Be accountable for producing user requirements specifications, personas, storyboards, scenarios, Flowcharts, and design prototypes.


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