Communicate with human resources regarding Fmla call outs and keep shift supervisors informed of call outs and changes to daily schedules.

More Uses of the Fmla Toolkit:

  • Meet production and quality goals set by the Fmla Department.
  • Oversee: Fmla regulations require all employers to post the updated Fmla notice.
  • Oversee the leave of absence/Fmla process and ensure appropriate tracking, reporting and compensation application.
  • Identify: management of Fmla/crisis leave.
  • Systematize: management of leaves of absence for all clients unless managed by Fmla department.
  • Administer Fmla/short term disability program.
  • Systematize: employee rights under Fmla.
  • Confirm your operation advises employees who are applying for a Fmla of rights and obligations under the Act.
  • Establish that your business meets acceptable attendance and punctuality expectations (excluding Fmla).
  • Warrant that your organization complies; conducts one on one Fmla and non Fmla meetings.
  • Provide innovative ideas that can support the ongoing growth of the Fmla Department.
  • Supervise: department of labor Fmla poster.
  • Organize: review all applications for Fmla eligibility and timeliness and advises employee and management of approval or denial.


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