Develop full scale project plans, identify and coordinate project staff, plan and schedule project timelines, track project deliverables, monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders, measure project performance using appropriate reports, tools and techniques.

More Uses of the Forensics Toolkit:

  • Collaborate with the other finance department managers to support overall department goals and objectives.
  • Develop the DevSecOps strategy and related training and collaborate across the technology department and across your organization to ensure implementation and ongoing support.
  • Confirm your group assess the team capabilities and establish baselines for standardizing and improving forensic methodologies.
  • Assure your organization coordinates with other departments and serves as a primary point of contact for inter departmental activities.
  • Be accountable for recognizing relationships among multiple sources and types of information to facilitate effective data analysis.
  • Search written or digital media and extract targeted data for storage and future processing or analysis.
  • Confirm your project uses technology, to do lists or other tools to manage time, keep track of what needs to be done, and manage multiple, pressing job demands.
  • Identify: effectively communicate investigative findings and strategy to client stakeholders, technical staff, executive leadership, and legal counsel.
  • Be accountable for engaging in problem solving and forensic analysis of digital information using standard evidence handling techniques and computer Forensics tools.
  • Evaluate, develop, and improve department controls, systems, procedures and workflows that increase accuracy and efficiency.
  • Establish that your organization promotes and demonstrates appropriate respect for cultural diversity and competency among coworkers and all work related contacts.
  • Search written or digital media, and extract targeted data for storage and future processing or analysis.
  • Be accountable for coordinating the use of project resources based on project requirements; assigning and directing project team members and other resources on assigned projects to ensure compliance with schedule, budget and project specifications.
  • Be accountable for providing export digital forensic support for counsel and clients in support of data security incidents, as data breaches or fraud.
  • Lead group innovation sessions where team objectively assesses its processes and techniques to look for ways to improve customer deliverables.
  • Advise investigative and prosecutorial personnel in matters relating to computer Forensics or digital investigative analysis.
  • Be accountable for developing partnerships with Cybersecurity experts and organizations in order to help create secure information systems.
  • Perform proactive surface, deep, and dark web research to identify and characterize new threats to the client base.
  • Participate and coordinate Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT) with evidence gathering / processing, Cybersecurity incident investigation, attack / malware remediation, forensic analysis, threat mitigation, vulnerability detection, and data leakage prevention.
  • Contribute to the continuous improvement of your Mobile Security service, by developing new assessment techniques, process improvements, and documenting best practices.
  • Ensure that forensic community accepted principles and practices are applied by contract staff in retrieving, recovering, preserving, and analyzing digital evidence.
  • Engage in vulnerability review calls with clients to present assessment findings, consider risks, and provide remediation guidance and support.
  • Be accountable for continuing development of professional knowledge and skills in Information Systems and Information Assurance.
  • Identify, research, and organize information to assess the appropriateness and sufficiency of available data to facilitate effective data access and analysis.
  • Be accountable for working under legal processes to engage in duties related to technical investigative support and/or computer network operations.
  • Use the integrated training solution to facilitate training based in virtualized computers, virtualized networks, malicious network traffic, etc.
  • Secure that your corporation maintains information and stores and uses data through various software programs, spreadsheets and databases.


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