Partner with risk, operations, and the chief information security officer around appropriate risk, and security issues as Fraud Prevention measures in areas of overlap between fraud, cybersecurity and the digital initiatives.

More Uses of the Fraud Prevention Toolkit:

  • Support the build out of your Fraud Prevention tools and reporting, working with internal stakeholders and third parties.
  • Ensure you suggest; safeguard financial assets from loss through cash security protocols and Fraud Prevention programs.
  • Ensure you succeed; Fraud Prevention and management.
  • Steer: data loss and Fraud Prevention.
  • Manage: product management, Fraud Prevention.
  • Establish that your organization recommends anti fraud processes and optimizes current Fraud Prevention processes.
  • Establish: closely collaborate with the chief auditor and corporate audit staff in developing Fraud Prevention initiatives.
  • Strengthen data loss protection (DLP) and Fraud Prevention.
  • Develop: enterprise Fraud Prevention.
  • Ensure you motivate; recommend development of new investigation and Fraud Prevention workflow and tooling for fraud operations team to improve the Fraud Prevention KPIs.
  • Secure that your organization analysis of customer transaction data to develop and improve transactional Fraud Prevention strategies.


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