Before anyone could be Project Management Professional, it is initially important to pass
the certification exam. To pass this test, professionals, project managers and students
need to be equipped with tools that can help them prepare for the big test. Project
management is a difficult and comprehensive test that requires guidance form the official
PMBOK guide.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK) is considered as an
important tool to review and pass the certification exam. Today, this guide can now be
easily downloaded online. This actually helps professionals, practitioners and students in
providing them the necessary skills and knowledge in project management. Interested
individuals can download the PMBOK in eight different languages.

In this guide there are about nine knowledge areas that have all the processes needed to
accomplish a successful management program. These are:
1. Project Quality Management
2. Project Cost Management
3. Project Integration Management
4. Project Scope Management
5. Project Procurement Management
6. Project Risk Management
7. Project Time Management
8. Project Human Resource Management
9. Project Communications Management
There are several sites in the internet that can help candidates the download PMBOK
Guides. Some offer it for free, while some ask for a minimal fee to download the whole
guide.  This will definitely help project managers all over the world. This will allow
examinees to study the book and take the exam in their preferred language. It actually
took PMI a year to comprehensively translate the guide to several languages. Now
candidates can avail and download the PMBOK in their chosen language.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (PMBOK) is regarded as the official
book for project management. This is used as a fundamental basis for the certification
test. This book documents the different practices, standards and methods used in
managing projects in software, construction, automotive, engineering, IT and many more.
Free downloads in the internet are available to make it more accessible to students who
wish to study the document.

To get a certification in project management it is necessary to review the PMBOK guide.
Without studying this document, it will be very difficult to successfully pass the Project
Management Professional certification. Free PMBOK guide can help professionals,
practitioners and project managers to know the basic processes in project management.
These processes include Tools and Techniques (mechanisms applied to inputs), Output
(consists of documents, products, services and many more), Inputs (design, construction,
documents and plans)

Although this guide is considered as the major source of principles, methods and
concepts, PMBOK does not claim that all techniques and methods are applicable in all
project cases. Deciding what is best for a certain case is the primary responsibility of
project managers and core group. To effectively utilize this document and pass the
certification test, professionals should make use of free training courses and practice
tests. All these can be downloaded for free. Just look for recent versions to efficiently
utilize the document and ensure a successful qualification to PMP certification exam.
Getting a PMBOK guide plays a great part in passing the test. So avail this document
online while it’s free. 

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