It seems like almost everyone who are Sun Certified Java Professional (SCJP) hopefuls wants the easiest way out in passing the latest certification exam, which is SCJP 1.5 or SCJP 5.0. Well come to think of it, who does not want to get a high paying job and be included on the roster of Sun Certified Professionals (SCP)? Everyone does. Because of this, a lot of techniques were developed to make things easier for SCJP wannabes in passing the certification such as creation of review books, exam simulators and tutorials. Another way is to get a free SCJP 1.5 exam paper on various web sites to determine your readiness in stepping up to the challenge of taking the SCJP certification exam proper.

It is indeed a good strategy to practice free SCJP 1.5 exam papers. It functions as if you are taking a mock test within a specific time frame. These exam papers can also be treated as review papers as the actual SCJP 1.5 exam will cover from declarations and access control, to threads and JDK tools. An actual exam also consists of 72 questions that should be answered by the candidate in exactly 175 minutes. That is approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds that a candidate can try to answer each question. Not that bad actually.

Though these free exam papers were not authorized by Sun, it is still a must to make of use of these for your advantage. Who knows? You might be surprised that the actual tests given to you have the same content as the free exam paper that you have downloaded. Let us just say that this is a one in a million case of readiness sprinkled with luck at the same time.

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