The importance of software testing is very much acknowledged in the industry and in the market. One would only have to look at how much companies invest in testing alone to make sure that their software is always in line with their requirements. In the development of new software, all eyes are on how the software is going to perform given the expectations that are placed upon the software. Actual outcomes are compared with expected outcomes. The operation of the software is screened thoroughly to detect minor and major defects.

And so just like other tools used in software development and other IT related areas, free software testing tools are also available in the internet. For those who want to go into software testing, free software testing tutorials are widely available on the web. One would be able to find free articles on software testing. Whitepapers on the subject are also some of the free resources that one can take advantage of through the internet. There are free downloads for studying materials and e books on the topic as well.

Of course, free software on software testing is also available in the internet. Like any commercially available software, free software testing is also offered through open source software. This is quite a relief for those who have limited resources on their own. One should not get just any free software testing program though. He must see to it that he will use only the software that’s appropriate for the software that he is testing.

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