Frequency / session per unique visitors are important web analytics metrics.  The data generated through this measurement is a critical key performance indicator for websites.  Simply said, frequency determines the loyalty of website visitors as it tracks the number of repeat traffic against unique first visits.  A website with lots of frequent visitors means it has a solid base of loyal customers ready to buy its products or services.  The frequency of page visits also indicates that customers are always checking for web updates or new product promotions.  This usually means a steady stream of income can be generated by a website.

Most web analytics program and utilities can record page view frequency.  By recording the IP addresses of visitors, the web analytics tool can determine repeat traffic on a website.  Some web analytics tools can also provide geo tracking frequent visits.  This means the web monitoring tool can see visitor locations and cluster them into meaningful page visit information.  Companies therefore can focus their up-sell marketing strategies on areas where they have loyal visitors.

A good way to improve and boost frequency or session per unique visit is to utilize web 2.0 apps and functionalities.  Such tools such as syndication and feed stream and local client application can be used to get loyal visitors.  Through these third party applications, the website will always be connected to the computer of visitors.  These apps also provide convenience to visitors.  Through these additional tools and web functionalities, page visit frequency could be guaranteed.

******Hosted Web Analytics: Your Total Web Stats Solution       

Sometimes, companies opt to use web analytics tool that are installed on their server. Actually their reason for that is they want to keep their web performance measurement secret. And also it is good for them that they have the right technological architecture that they can use their own server to house the tool. But not all companies are capable of buying those tools for their server. And for this reason, more and more web analytic tools are being created that are hosted on the site of the producer.

Most often, you just need to use some codes on your pages. The service is actually hosted on an outside server. These types of web analytics actually do the same thing. You can check who visited your site, how they get through your website and the things that they are interested with. You do not have to install anything or configure something since the measurements will commence as soon as you just copied and pasted the code on your website.

There are also paid and free hosted web analytics tools. Two of the free hosted web analytics tools are W3counter and iHitCounter. The process to use them is simple since you just have to use the codes provided. From there, you can get unlimited reporting for the page views on your site, the keywords that were used to get to your site, unique visitors and even where the visit originated. They also offer graphs and charts for your web measurements so that you can easily analyze them and make the necessary strategies to increase the site performance.

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