Many companies are expanding their businesses and are focusing more and more on
customer satisfaction.  In order to maintain a good customer relationship, companies
now have helpdesks to address or assist customer needs and inquiries.  A staff of good
help desk representatives can make the difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied

The helpdesk representative is responsible for the proper handling of customer
inquiries, requests for assistance.  He will be responsible for the creation and updating
of customer data so that future lookup, retrieval and cross-referencing will always be
in order.  The helpdesk representative should always be up to date with the latest
trends, procedures and processes of his job.  Attending trainings, seminars and
workshops related to his job is recommended.

Becoming a helpdesk representative is not an easy job.  It will require the employee to
directly and personally interact with the customer in behalf of the company that he is
working for.  This means that the helpdesk representative should have extensive
knowledge of the company profiles, policies and procedures, including its history in
order to properly address customer’s needs.  He is the frontline person of the

Customers now are becoming more and more demanding and the idea of “we do not
have to buy in your company or avail of your services” have put most companies in
the defensive side.  Finding new customers is a hard job.  Keeping them is even
harder.  That is why the helpdesk representative should always be available for
whatever needs the customer may have in the product or service that he availed.

But helpdesk representatives need not be confined to customer service alone. 
Business partners and clients also need to be properly handled and most of the time,
helpdesk representatives are the first persons they will encounter if they have any
inquiries, updates and proposals.

The helpdesk representative:  truly, the company’s frontline people for complete
customer and client satisfaction.


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