Compliance Risk Management

Compliance Risk Management:
Complete Self-Assessment Toolkit


This assessment uses a three step process to take you from idea to implementation results, helping you save time, empower your teams, and upgrade your processes, and stay in compliance.

  • Designed as a simple 3-step process
  • 997 new and updated case-based questions
  • Organized into seven core areas of Process Design

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Transforming risk management
into risk leadership

Everyone understands that risk is a part of the cost of doing business. While organizational growth gets most of the attention and accolades, it’s often risk management that is quietly playing a critical role in the background. 

There are so many factors to consider from employee misconduct to cybersecurity, adherence to various laws and regulations, and even product failures. Amidst all of these risks, even the savviest leaders often don’t know what they don’t know. This is one of the most common barriers to fully understanding organizational risk.

We believe that in business, sometimes risk can be its own reward. For organizations that are willing to take a proactive approach to risk, we know that with the right tools and insights, they can transform risk management into a competitive advantage. In high-stakes industries, strategic companies can gain an advantage by visualizing and mitigating risk before competitors can even ask “what happened?”

Lead your organization through risk, equipped with enterprise-class assessment, management, and mitigation tools from The Art of Service. 

When armed with the right questions to ask of others in exploring your organization’s risk, you can accelerate compliance with industry regulations and reveal important insights about key developments that threaten the achievement of your organization’s goals.

The Art of Service provides you with highly customized enterprise risk leadership tools powered by a combination of proven risk leadership expertise, groundbreaking technology, and a database of more than 50 million unique attributes, to effectively explore, address, and win through risk.

You don’t need to spend months with consultants to get a handle on your risk exposure. You can handle it yourself and still leave the office on time. We know that the right questions will lead you to the right insights. 

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"The risk of our competitors getting ahead has been mitigated because The Art of Service has provided us with a 360-degree view of threats within our organization before they even arise."


The Compliance risk Management Assessment will confirm that your organization leads and executes Compliance Risk Management activities to reasonably ensure compliance with the Enterprise Compliance Management Policy and Framework. This assessment is organized in a Data Driven improvement cycle RDMAICS (Recognize, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Sustain). 

 Benefits of the assessment include helping you save time, empowering your teams, and effectively upgrading your processes. We address common challenges with best-practice templates, step-by-step work plans and maturity diagnostics for any Compliance Risk Management related project.

Our unique assessment takes you through a simple three step process to take you from idea to implementation results. This assessment features 997 new and updated case-based questions, organized into seven core areas of Process Design.

This assessment will guide you toward answering questions such as:

  • Are your risk, control and compliance resources and capabilities residing in the right function and location to minimize the cost while maximizing compliance, scalability, agility and transparency?

  • Are you able to leverage the system to present data that is visually compelling to help expose risk factors, credit underwriting defects and compliance discrepancy trends to drive business change?

  • Do senior management and the board understand that the threat of cyber attacks involving extortion increases your organization’s liquidity, capital, operational, compliance and reputation risks?