Podcasting is originally produced by Adam Curry, former MTV VJ. The term podcasting was basically created to illustrate the technology utilized to drive the audio content directly from websites next to consumers who usually listen to audio content on their iPod. But for further illustration, podcast definition is presented in two descriptions.

The first definition speaks of podcast as a chain of digital media files that are dispensed over the Internet through the use of syndication feeds so it can be played on portable computers or media players. Essentially, the term podcast is likened to broadcast, which can pertain to the system wherein it is syndicated or to the sequence of the content itself. The second definition refers to the term as an audio broadcast, which has been changed to an MP3 file or other format of audio file so it can be played on a computer or digital audio player.

The term “pod’ in podcast was actually taken from “iPod,” the prime convenient digital music player. And although podcast is usually delivered in verbal, it is still capable to contain music. Podcast is also not directly related with iTunes music service or Apples iPod gadget; but the company is still contributing both for the technology and desire for this capability.

However, podcasting cannot be likened to time-modified video devices and software such as TiVo, which permits the consumer to watch the video he wants at the time he prefers. But what is more interesting about this technology is that it permits the consumers to publish radio shows wherein interested listeners can also subscribe. Podcasting is essentially used for audio and is presently offered for free.

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