You have earned considerable education and training in preparation
for a career in the IT world – it is now time to pursue that dream.
It may occur to you to question how you will go about doing that
exactly. Here are some guidelines you can use so that you can get
into the first level of employment which is entry level as a junior
help desk support staffer.

When you are in the junior level help desk support position, you are
expected to be willing to learn more about the IT field. The
experience you gain in help desk support will provide you with basic
to advanced knowledge of the help desk world.

Occasionally, you may feel jittery (which is normal when working in
a new job). Just keep your focus to show you are competent in your
job. And while you do your job, you must try to maintain a good
working relationship with clients, callers and even the people you
are working with.

Your basic responsibility as part of help desk support would be
answering calls about problems encountered by the callers. Try not
to let any caller down, meaning that you should attend to all
problems swiftly yet as accurately as you can. Know your limitations
so that you do not try to troubleshoot even problems beyond your
capabilities. Always ask for support or assistance from team members
when very complicated problems are presented to you. Your level of
technical knowledge may bring you to the junior entry level, but to
go much further and last the race you should handle customers and
their concerns properly, cooperate with team members and generally
show that you are very competent in the challenging world of advanced
information technology systems.


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