Gamification and the Green movement


There’s been a lot of talk and attention paid to the direction the Green movement has recently taken. Simply put, more companies are focusing on their carbon footprint and making plans for the upcoming carbon credits system. The problem it seems is not in getting people (and employees) to grasp the concept of what it means to be “green”, but in actually spurring the movement forward, keeping track of progress and even creating rewards.

Well, to get right to the point, CloudApps has released SuMo (an abbreviated version of Sustainability Momentum) which allows employers to both track employee progress and spur activity within the goals of the green movement itself all by means of a Gamification platform. That’s right; the SuMo app allows companies to essentially create a more competitive drive in any area they desire through gaming elements like “leveling up”, earning badges, leader boards, as well as specific challenges. In the same way that retailers are using Gamification to drive up consumer participation and interest, other businesses can use the technology to entice employees to achieve more.


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This isn’t just an interesting use of Gamification however; it is an entirely new approach to generating initiative within any corporate structure. For example, most of us have encountered negative reinforcement at some point in our lives, so you should already be aware of how it tends to drive down participation and provoke more of a defensive response.

SuMo is the antithesis to negative reinforcement; instead of offering employees ultimatums like “reduce your energy usage to this level or else”, you foster an atmosphere of rewards where everyone wants to participate and is aptly rewarded for doing so. However, this application can also be applied in any number of other areas; the only limit is your own imagination.

Additionally, this approach further enforces social networking within the workplace, which brings your team(s) closer together and allows the organization to gain access to better ideas. Likewise, each and every participant’s goals will be tailored to their skill-set, abilities and position within their organization; we’re talking about much more efficient use of individual time and energy here.

Moreover, as the overall atmosphere of the workplace is transformed into a place where people look forward to participating in, it is very likely that a much higher caliber of employee will be attracted to the business as well. A better experience for employees, more efficient workers for the institution, and increased productivity all around, this is the end result.


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What’s more, and as the name clearly implies, CloudApps is a company that delivers applications for cloud-based infrastructures. So, if your business has already adopted cloud computing (or is perhaps contemplating or in the process of transitioning to it) then SuMo can be fully integrated into your system. Naturally, you’ll want to consider having your IT employees certified in both Cloud Computing and Gamification; both of which are currently being offered at extraordinarily affordable prices by reputable providers.


For those organizations that are very Green-minded, cloud computing is well-known to be the most powerful and energy-efficient type of networking/computing technology currently available; so this paring with SuMo is a “match made in heaven” by any measure. Any business that’s serious about reducing their carbon footprint needs to explore what cloud computing has to offer.

The truly great thing about Gamification however, is that it creates a sense of camaraderie while at the same time allowing the larger goals and interests of any business to come forward. Even the most experienced and “conscious” employee can lose sight of the corporate mission from time to time; through Gamification however, these larger objectives can be broken down into subsets which individuals can focus on in lieu of the big picture. It’s basically a way to engage all employees on their own terms and turf, so to speak. In turn, those organizations which have a mind to participate in the Green revolution will have a powerful tool that they can use to improve internal efficiency as well as reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

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