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Gartner Group will provide Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) with Information Technology Overview Analysis and Information Technology Satisfaction Benchmarking as follows:

Scope of Work

The Overview Analysis completed for Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will provide an ongoing, overall assessment of IT performance in key functional areas and prioritize opportunities for improvement. The study will focus on four primary areas; centralized systems and servers, distributed computing, applications development and support, and IT Service Desk functions. A six step methodology will be used which begins with an overall high level review, and progresses through a review of management perspectives on service delivery, information gathering of a more qualitative, business nature, analysis of cost versus work produced and comparisons with peer organizations, gap analysis and finishes with an overall performance assessment and action plan with prioritized recommendations for improvement. Questionnaires, phone conversations, and face-to-face meetings will be the primary data collection methods.

The Customer Satisfaction Benchmark for SPU and SCL will follow a similar methodology as the ITOA, but focus on developing a comparative benchmark, or baseline, for assessing the satisfaction customers have with IT service delivery. The benchmark will prioritize end-user issues, identify improvement opportunities, and provide an action plan for improving overall customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is viewed as the combination of employee satisfaction, “external” customer satisfaction, and business process effectiveness. The ITCS will provide the basis for an ongoing, probably annual, assessment of customer satisfaction, likely to be performed by IT management. The primary data gathering tool will be a normalized survey from a statistically significant sample in each department. A particular eye will be given towards identifying areas where SPU and SCL can proactively cooperative to their mutual benefit. The deliverables include appropriate metrics, strategies for improved performance, and an executive presentation of the conclusions to management.

Price: $90,000.00 year

Payments Terms: Net 30
FOB: Destination
Freight: Prepaid and Allowed

This Contract maybe expanded to use the following services.

Mobile Business Strategies (MBS)
Customer Services & Support Strategies (CSS)
Enterprise Network Strategies (ENS)
Information Security Strategies (ISS)
Management Strategies & Directions (MSD)
Strategic Data Management (SDM)
Management of Distributed Computing (MDC)
Year 2000 Strategies (Y2KS)
Enterprise Systems & Centralized Operations (ESCO)

Price: $90,000.00 per year


Research Notes: Continuous written research from each service in the solution (6-8 RN’s/Mo.)
Strategic Analysis Reports: 2-3/year, in-depth (30-200 pages) from each service in the solution.
Analyst Consultation: Personalized phone consultation with analysts specific to City of Seattle’s initiatives (unlimited).
Audioconferences: These are pre-arranged conference calls on specific topics of interest.
GartnerFlash: On a weekly basis, GartnerFlash offers valuable analysis on late-breaking events and new Gartner Group research. It is available via fax and E-mail and in a Lotus Notes database.
Monthly Research Review: This is the Gartner Group chronicle of industry trends and developments for information technology executives. It provides summaries of all the research published monthly.
InSide Gartner Group: This weekly newsletter highlights topics discussed at Gartner Group research analyst meetings.
2 Symposium Tickets/year & 2 Gartner Group Conference Tickets/year
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10-15-1999 Through 10-14-2000

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