Most companies these days use the Six Sigma methodology because of its endless benefits. Aside from analyzing the cost effective methods, it uses statistical tools which are based on the principles of probability. Most of the time, people think that having additional work reciprocates more employees. This is not necessarily true at all times.

Having the proper technology and marketing strategy will definitely make the projects produce better results without having to pay for additional workers.  But is Six Sigma expensive? The cost of the Six Sigma methodology may vary. This is basically calculating the cost of lost time and money due to some wastage or rejects which should have been saved. The project on hand should be based on the procedures or methods that will be the most economical without giving up the quality of the products or services. Before a task is started, it should pass through cost considerations and rigorous planning.

The management should at least have a Six Sigma training and have some certification. Having Six Sigma Black and Green Belts would equal to competent employees who can handle problem solving and decision-making. These trainings of course require some fee but luckily, there are free Six Sigma trainings online. All you need is to search for those sites which offer such trainings and tutorials.  Make sure that you end up with the right web site and dedicate time to it. It will be useless if you get free Six Sigma training without putting your heart to it.

Being the pioneer in Six Sigma implementation, the transnational mammoth General Electric has made it a permanent fixture in their business operations.  In fact, company executives have termed Six Sigma as their current business culture.  The quality improvement methods of Six Sigma carried GE through different and changing business environments and enabled the company to maintain its global dominance.

In the early 1980s, GE recognized the fact that businesses should adapt to the changing face of global trade and commerce.  They implemented a quality improvement system which led to the development of Six Sigma methodologies.  Since then, the system has been in place and this vintage company successfully faced the challenge of globalization and modernization. All these are made possible through the implementation of Six Sigma principles.

GEs success can also be attributed to its continuing focus on customer need satisfaction.  The essence of GE operations is centered on satisfying the demands of their client base.  This has enabled the company to remain competitive in global trade.  Six Sigma methodologies paved the way for GE to remain viable after many years of operation.  GE has delivered quality products and continues to exert every effort to maintain near-zero defects in their deliverables.  Improving business processes is central to their operations in order to eliminate old business models.  This has created a business environment that is conducive for creating quality products, services and business solutions.  This is classic Six Sigma implementation and the result is impressive because GE has continued to dominate the market.


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