There are many things that an administrator can do in terms of managing postings in Drupal. Sometimes, there are comments that are inappropriate and rude that he might not want to have them read by others. There are also some people who don’t want their posting information to be seen in their posts. Drupal posting can help these problems.

More about Drupal Posting

1.If a person wants to edit or remove individual posts, he can do this by clicking on blogs or forums in the menu. This is located on the top-left of every screen. He has two options in editing the Drupal post, he can remove the offending post and then click on Submit at the bottom of the window. He can also click on Delete at the bottom of the window to delete the whole post.

2. In Drupal Posting, a person can decide to edit, delete or unpublish some comments if they are deemed inappropriate. He just has to click Comments in the navigation menu, and then a list of comments will appear on the screen.  Then, he can place a check in the box next to the comment he wants to delete or unpublish. Then, he can select Unpublish or Delete from the Update options drop down list and click Update.

3. He can also edit comments in the navigation menu. All he needs to do is click on the Comments and then click the Edit hyperlink. He can then make the required changes in the text and then click Publish Comment.

There are still many things that a person can do in Drupal post. All he needs to do is read about them online. There are lots of step-by-step instruction available online.

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