With so many accumulated data in various areas and organizations, the concept of metadata came about. This is information about information if put in simple terms. In more complex definition, metadata is about physical data of organizations coming from internal and external environments. It includes all information from business processes, rules and structures. When talking about metadata, general IT metadata cannot be ignored. Majority of data includes web services, systems and interfaces.

Uses on Web Writing

General It metadata has considerable scope that it can also be useful for website writers. It is said to be the most misunderstood areas of content management because writers tend to view general IT metadata as a technical issue. Website writers think that since this is a technical issue then only technical people should be concerned about it.

Nothing is more wrong than this way of thinking. General IT metadata should be viewed as an essential skill among web writers. Why is this so? Metadata gives the web content context. Therefore, web writers should not publish sloppy general IT metadata.

General IT metadata is what scan readers read when they want to know if the page is what they need. Scan readers want general IT metadata to give them an idea on whether they should read on or not. Web writers who don’t give an appropriate general IT metadata will likely have scan readers running away.
The importance of having skills on creating general IT metadata among web writers cannot be underestimated. Web writers know their contents therefore they know better than the technical persons.

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