General Services Administration Federal Asset Sales
April 29, 2004

Mitra Nejad -Program Manager
Victor Arnold-Bik — Personal Property Asset Class Manager
Gary Thompson — Utilization and Donation Team Lead
David Bundren -BearingPoint Consulting
Kerri Davis -BearingPoint Consulting
Robert Schoborg -BearingPoint Consulting
Deidre Huber & Dave Robbins — Federal Supply Service, GSA
Bob Holcombe — Office of Governmentwide Policy, GSA

Members of the Interagency Committee on Property Management Community

Leverage structured, phase based and collaborative business process reengineering methodology and approach
U&D Study Objectives

U&D Study Recommendations
Incremental Recommendations

Incremental Recommendations
Develop standard product descriptions and apply standard condition codes in GSAXcessTM.

Use historic data to segment asset screening times and improve asset disposal process.

Create a central registration system as part of Firstgov that explains all special authorities and where recipients of special authorities can pre-qualify.
Incremental Recommendations

Any substantive improvement to U&D must address comprehensive asset management.
Key issues include:
Common data standards and data tracking fields.
System compatibility across agencies (perhaps adopting AAMS modules across agencies).
Common policies and procedures (e.g., asset disposal plans, asset tracking, consistent use of condition codes, unified taxonomy).
Use of emerging technologies (UID, RFID, EPC) and improved inventory management (how to identify excess).

Next Steps
Leverage the PMEC to develop support
Review policy to create incentives
Assume leadership in developing standard product descriptions and data consistency
Take ownership of Asset Management initiative
Development of a project plan, funding strategy, and budget approval process
Form and lead an Inter-Agency Steering Committee

Next Steps
Support the efforts of OGP and FSS as they implement enhancements.
Evaluate feasibility of and potentially conduct a Government-wide Data Call to establish a baseline performance for property disposal.
Support OGP’ s efforts to lead a Personal Property Asset Management Initiative, and analyze feasibility of establishing an Asset Management Egov Initiative.
Work with OGP to evaluate and implement funding strategies for selected recommendations.
Next Steps

Develop implementation plan for chosen recommendations.
Coordinate with stakeholders as appropriate for development and implementation of recommendations.
Support OGP in Personal Property Asset Management Initiative.
Organize meetings with U&D stakeholders to identify data standards for reporting assets into GSAXcessTM.
Develop an implementation plan for standards reporting.

Thank you for your help and support.

Mitra Nejad
-Federal Asset Sales Program Manager
GSA/FAS 703-872-8607 [email protected]

Victor Arnold-Bik
-Personal Property Asset Class Manager
GSA/FAS 703-872-8634 [email protected]

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