Although the number of visits is important to the success of a certain website, the state of landing page is also very necessary. Landing pages convinces visitors to stay and look around the website, not just load the page and navigate away. This makes landing page very critical to the success of a certain website. For this reason, companies are making ways on how to optimize landing pages.

Methods of optimizing landing page may come in varieties. There are simple and there are complex optimization processes. Although that is the case, there is only one aim to optimize landing page. And that is to make the visitor’s impression of a certain website better. Through this that the website can convince visitors to stay longer in a certain webpage so they may continue exploring the site.

To optimize landing page can be done depending on its basis. It can be based on targeting or experimentation. If it is based on experimentation, then there are two general types of that, the closed-ended and open-ended. The closed-ended exposes the potential visitor to various landing pages while his behavior is under observation. When the conclusion arrives, the landing page that best suits his behavior will be displayed. On the other hand, the open ended also provides various landing pages, however, the experimentation continues until the landing page that best suits the visitor’s behavior is already adjusted.

Meanwhile, there are three general types of optimizing landing page based on targeting. These are the associative, predictive, and consumer-directed. Associative is based on the visitor’s criteria of searches. Predictive is based on correlation to the unknown data about the visitor. And consumer-directed is based on how relevant the public information is to the visitor.

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