If you are thinking about how you can earn and generate money, well you can, if you have podcasts.  Although it is not that easy to earn profit from podcasting but once you have established and created a name for your podcast, profit will start pouring without you realizing it.  

Below some of the ways you can do to earn from podcasting:

a.    You can sell your podcast.  You can have your own web store where products that are sold are purely podcasts.  You can charge people who wish to subscribe from your podcast line up.  However, this pay per subscription is relatively difficult because there is a huge competition on the Internet making it more difficult to monopolize it.  
b.    You can use your podcast as a form of advertising.  If you have a well established podcast, you can actually attempt to get some sponsorship or advertisements on your podcast.  You may not be generating any earning on a pay per subscription thing but you can abundantly earn money thru advertisements.
c.    You can tie up your podcast with some of the leading web logs.  Once an Internet user downloaded your podcast onto their Really Simple syndication reader, the web site where the podcast resides is usually being erased, thus no longer remembered.  You can then try to set a tie up with some of the high ranking websites and popular websites and repeatedly have it mentioned in the entire show. This can in turn drive traffic to the website and potentially increase revenue from advertising.

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