Get Access from your Computer Administrator Help Desk of Windows/Unix

Putting the right technology in your organization involves
 a lot of money investment.  The maintenance and
administration of computers also covers a large of portion
of the company’s budget.  But it surely pays off when you
know that products and services are delivered to
customers when they need them.

Being in a computerized organization, where various
software applications are made available in the operations
of your business, there is a need for someone who will
administer run the operations of the company’s server.
A focal person should be available round clock to ensure
that hardware and software are running smoothly and full
monitoring of the network operations should be observed. 
As an operator administrator help desk for windows and
Unix, expertise on the operations is required.  He has the
power to grant access to users as well as have a full view
access of the operations with the organization’s computer

Inasmuch as in the support service first level entry requires
ticket tracking, the operator administrator help desk
Windows/ Unix should be able to track down records
of customer’s request and is able to determine which
among these request where acted upon by departments
with in the organization.  It should also allow them to make
a report to management what support request are not
being acted upon either due to complex situation or
problem being set aside for a reason. Windows/Unix
servers do have a feature that could identify the desk
agent that handles request.



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