Get an Edge by Having a Six Sigma Certification

Six Sigma deals much with the concept of process analysis and development. It has been popularized by huge companies such as Motorola, General Electric and Honeywell. And they revealed that it brought them millions of dollars as cost savings. Before anything else, Six Sigma is based on quantity and facts. It uses the different mathematical concepts and theories to calculate and measure the losses and the defects per million occurrences. In fact, the word sigma is symbol that signifies a measure of variation.

Generally speaking, a sigma value indicates the overall performance of a process. A higher sigma value signifies fewer defects per million. With this, Six Sigma is a powerful methodology that uses effective statistical problem-solving tools to point out wastage costs. Furthermore, it comprises of steps and methods to eliminate defects at all circumstances. This is why Six Sigma has been embraced by companies and large corporations worldwide as a very neat strategy in the fast changing world.

Internal processes are managed and operated at optimum levels to lessen expenditures. In addition, it is aimed at having improved customer satisfaction and a productive team to analyze the problem solving scheme. Many companies make it a point to let their staff go through trainings to acquire Six Sigma certifications. Some even make it a requirement before promotion or prior to hiring. Getting a Six Sigma certification will surely get you ahead of the others and not to mention the edge that you will have against them. So get that Six Sigma training before its too late.

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