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Service oriented architecture or SOA is indeed in the news nowadays. Aside from the much talked about SOA World Conference and Expo 2007 West that will be held in San Francisco on November 12 to 13, 2007, there are a lot of recent updates on how SOA has evolved through the years as new strategies and techniques are being adapted by organizations and companies, aiming to promote good provider – consumer relationships.

If you will be checking out the web and type in “SOA News” on the SEARCH field of your favorite search engine, a list of SOA events and breakthroughs are then generated as results. Since most enterprises today have developed their own SOA strategies, there are a number of forums and discussions about SOA are made known to the public and other industry leaders wherein best practices were shared towards a successful SOA implementation. An example of which is InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum held last November 7 and 8, sponsored by WebLayers Inc., a leader in automated SOA governance.

There are also companies like IBM, Nexaweb and Kapow Technologies that have recently released their products to help in automating business processes using SOA. IBM has just uncovered WebSphere Business Services Fabric to aid in SOA automation in the field of health care, banking, insurance and telecommunications. Another one is Mashup Server, a joint project of Nexaweb and Kapow Technologies which is a visual scripting tool used to make Web 2.0 applications following the AJAX (asynchronous Java and XML) platform. However, realizing the importance of SOA on a business perspective is a must before applying such technologies.

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