Working with Sun certified enterprise architect is a really big deal for many who are involved in enterprise architecture. This runs on the Java EE platform of certification which ensures that the skills of a software architect are in fact compatible with that of Java Enterprise Edition (this used to be known as J2EE). When you obtain a certification, you need to have the candidate pass the three different and individual stages of sun certified enterprise architect. The first one is a multiple choice exam which covers the basics of Java Enterprise Edition technology. One will also need to know that the UML design project of the matter also involves Java Enterprise Edition technology.

There is also an essay exam which tackles the application of the actual design project itself. The multiple choice part of the exam can also be taken in any testing center that is identified as Prometric. When you pass this portion, you can then move on with registering with the company Sun Microsystems for the actual design project itself. But of course, you can download this from the actual website itself. Once you complete the assignment and get to upload it to the secured website itself, the enterprise architecture candidate can then be qualified for the next step which is an essay exam.

Of course, since the questions that are found in the essay exam are also based on the assignment for the different parts that come out in the second part, you are then advised to sit down for the essay exam once you submit the first part.

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