Every application system that we have these days take into account the inclusion of the calendar feature. That is because they see the importance of having this feature added on the software.  Kieran O’Shea has seen this aspect that made him realize to include a calendar for WordPresss.  Although the WordPress calendar looks and works very much alike with the Google-based calendar, but with the WordPress calendar, any attempt to edit and modify the calendar contents should be made on the dashboard of WordPress.  

One of the major drawbacks of the WordPress calendar is the incapability of it to show daily and weekly calendar spreads as it is only capable of displaying the monthly calendar.  However, the highlighted features of a WordPress calendar are summarized on the following keypoints:

a.    Events on the calendar are possible to be placed by categories.  This is a good way to properly and effectively organize your monthly events.  
b.    Strong and powerful admin panel options.  This is such an important aspect of the WordPress calendar because it allows the user to be exposed with the different admin options of the software.
c.    You can include multiple events on a per day basis.  Although the worpdress calendar is not capable of showing a weekly or daily event, it is possible that you come up with multiple events on a single month calendar making your WordPress calendar powerful and flexible.
d.    You can include events that can last for more than one day.  Usually, events that are placed on a single day are being erased or marked when the event has gone by.  But with WordPress calendar, a specific event on a day can last for days before it will be actually deleted or marked down for deletion.

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