You probably already know that IT employees need to gain MCP accreditation (particularly network certification) so that they can stay in the present jobs, or be promoted, or even get better paying jobs elsewhere. But who accredits the people granting network certification MCP? That job falls to the Microsoft organization.

To get the right training to be permitted to train other people later on in the Microsoft ways, you need to work towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) first. To get MCT status means that you are an expert at Microsoft solutions, technologies and products  so much so that you can even teach other people about these things so they can benefit from your knowledge and skills.

These MCT accredited instructors have the authority to teach students based either on the Microsoft Learning Products or the Microsoft Dynamics Learning Products that the instructor used in the MCT training system. Once you have gained MCT status, you need to pursue continuing education and accreditation to keep up with the demands of your profession.

Since an MCT accreditation is only granted to the best of the best, a student who is under the tutelage of an MCT accredited instructor knows that the knowledge and skills being imparted are of the highest Microsoft standards.

But an MCT accredited instructor can aim still higher and try to achieve MCLC status. MCLC stands for Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant  an IT person who has background in MCT but is now also providing consultancy services to customers.

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