In Customer Relationship Management (or CRM), you need to make sure you know what your priorities are and that the CRM system you are angling to get is best for your needs. This means analyzing what the key function of your business is, and how the CRM system can help you optimize your pursuit of that key business function. Only when you know this clearly can you start canvassing for the most appropriate CRM system you can get.

It is often quicker, more efficient and less risky to let a team of CRM specialists handle the research about and search for the right CRM application, than to involve a whole bureaucracy. There is a reason why private companies let project teams handle specific tasks  they save big bucks this way. Also, there is less room for lengthy arguments on a small team of experts compared to a larger group of not-so-experienced users.

The size of the CRM specialist team will depend on how complicated and how vast is the scope of CRM application to be sought after. You may then proceed to trying to figure out how the CRM system chosen is to be customized for use in your particular organization. (This, incidentally, is the most complicated step of all, because the team has to reconcile the functions of your business with the functions of the CRM system itself.)

One that lengthy and arduous step has been finished, your organization now has to come up with a feasible training program so that the other members of your organization gain expertise in using this CRM application you have selected and deployed in the organization.

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