The Computing Technology Industry Association or CompTIA is the worlds largest certification giving body in the world.  With over 22,000 members in more than 100 countries, it has given out more than 900,000 certifications worldwide.  Having a CompTIA certification can give you a wide variety of choices on the options available for you in the IT industry.  Because CompTIA is vendor-neutral and offers a variety of certification choices, you can combine your lessons of CompTIA with other vendor specific courses like Java, Cisco, and Microsoft certifications. 

If you are planning on getting multiple certifications in the IT industry, getting the option of studying different courses in one class may be a good idea.  There are already various schools that offer both online and on-site courses on combo certification lessons that will prepare you for combination certification exams.  For example, if you want to prepare yourself for the CompTIA and the Cisco certification, then you should be getting a CCNA and CompTIA option.  If you are planning on Java with your CompTIA, then the option of getting those combo courses should be considered.  Same goes with the Microsoft/CompTIA option.

The best advantage of getting a CompTIA option is that CompTIA is a vendor-neutral certification program and is recognized, accredited and approved worldwide.  Your options of getting a better IT career path with your CompTIA certificate are assured. CompTIA already offers the basics of all the other certification exams offered by vendor specific programs and is therefore an excellent partner for any combination course.

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