Podcasting is the process of creating audio or video digital files via Internet using a syndication download where in users receive new files automatically by subscribing through an RSS feeds.  The term Podcasting was derived from the combination of the words IPod and broadcasting.  

You do not need to have an IPod in order to do podcasting.  Podcasting audio programs or music videos can be played using portable media players or use of personal computers.  As you choose the programs for download, you save them on your computer or ipod or mp3 player.

This new technology is considered as the most effective way of information broadcasting.  Podcasting is the new type of online media delivery.  Podcasters known as authors or hosts of podcast share their thoughts in audio format while subscribers are able to listen or decide the files to download on their audio player or computer at their own time.  It is created to be stored and played at a user’s convenience.

With podcasting, people are able to share ideas in different ways.  Podcasting is another means of spreading and disseminating information.  You can even include in your blog, a podcast that allows people to see your face, hear your voice and express yourself on audio or video.  

This means you can create a show of your own.  You need to have a podcast software and a microphone to start podcasting.  Podcasting allows you to reach worldwide audience.  It is also the cheapest way for distributing information to people without necessarily paying high broadcasting airtime fees.

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