Some of the web log enthusiasts have coordinated to measure and determine which among the social networking sites that we have on the Internet are making use of the more popular applications (commonly referred to as apps files and programs)  on their own social networking engine.

The apps that are being measured based on their performance online and their usability to social networking sites are categorized on the following:  desktop application, web application and mobile application.  Obviously, the reason why they were categorized as such is primarily because of the general application that social networking sites (like Twitter) have.  

In the desktop apps section, the two of the top applications are the Twhirl and the Twiterrific.  These have been largely dominating the desktop applications because of their unique features that allow for dynamic and varied functionalities to be made.  The other apps that have been lagged behind are the Snitter and Tweetr, which incidentally have been constantly left behind from the rest of the more favored apps.  

As for the top web applications, the Mobypicture and the Twitterfeed have shared the more popular spot.  These two apps have been consistently topping the popularity based on usability and reliability.  Most consumers think that these two apps are stronger compared to the others in terms of functionality.  

Lastly, on the mobile apps, the more popular apps are the Hahlo and the Cetwit. The Twitter answers and the Twapper are behind them.  All of these four apps are known to be best Mobile apps for Windows platform, making them very popular to a lot of users.

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