Siebel Systems is one of the most credible software companies that is engaged in designing, developing, providing support, and marketing the very famous Customer/Client Relationship Management software application.  Founded in 1993 by the millionaire Thomas Siebel, it was first known to be engaged in selling products such as sales force application.  Now, that Siebel has been expanding its avenue to provide support and solutions to some of the issues that hound companies, the Siebel Company has joined the bandwagon in web analytics making and development.  

The Siebel Web Analytics software provided and developed by Siebel Company is one of the fast becoming known web analytics software that we have in the market.  This Siebel software has been edging competitively some of the more renowned web analytics on both the proprietary and free open source category. The Siebel Company for them to become more competitive and as part of their brilliant marketing platform has also engaged into providing open source software for web analytics.  The web analytics provided by Siebel has edged other web analytics provided because of the consistent ratings that the product has been gaining from their clients.  In addition, it has embedded one of the most adored features in any web analytics and that is getting the results in whatever scenarios and in whatever time frame. More so, because of the emerging threats in security, the Siebel Web Analytics has developed a robust mechanism to combat potential security threats that may influence the results of the web analysis.

These days, the Siebel Systems is continuing to develop further the web analytics feature embracing the newest technologies that we have.  

Speed Trap is a company that provides software solutions employing the Web 2.0 machinery.  The Web 2.0 tool has been very instrumental in bridging complete and detailed deliverables because of the unique features and functions that you can do with this technology.  

The Speed Trap Web Analytics software promises to capture, transform, and deliver activities and events as they happen.  This means that the Speed Trap software does not only make things possible for the company but take things in an instant right at the door step.  The Speed Trap as a company resides in the United Kingdom with a credible of 8 year experience in the field of delivering company and customer perceptions and ideas via online.  As a growing company, the Speed Trap Company is providing its products via its network companies situated across all over Europe and South Africa.  

The Speed Trap Company adheres to three of the most important elements in responding to the needs of the client.  First is the capturing which involves process of getting complete, detailed, and accurate data based on real time activities that are happening;  second is the transforming process, with which the business is informaed about the patterns of behavior that were gathered based on an extracted information relatively from the insights of the client via the raw data gathered; and lastly, the delivering process which involves letting the business user know about the right business processes that can result into a complete client insight.  

These three insightful elements are practically what drives the Speed Trap into what they are now — more credible, more established, and a lot stronger and competitive solutions provider. 

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