When you are professionally doing podcasting, you will need to think about how far you can spend just so you can ensure a quality podcast.  You see, podcasting is not merely about skills in the Internet and passion about music and audios.  More to that, podcasting is greatly about having the best and the most efficient podcasting pack to help facilitate your podcasting skills and your passion for music.  

The CoU1 and CoU3 Podcasting pack are two of the most widely used toolkits that podcasters are using.  Included on these packages are the following:

a.    The Sonar LE (Cakewalk) digitized audio software.  This is one of the software programs that are being used to make the whole process of podcasting possible.  
b.    The whole package is made up of aluminum and titanium which makes the whole package very light.  Best of all, the titanium and aluminum are known to be durable and enduring metals.  
c.    A condenser microphone that allows for a better sound quality.  The condensing element of the microphone makes it easier for the podcaster to mix different sounds without sacrificing the quality of the sound.  
d.    There is a pick up pattern (Cardiod) that is available with the package.  
e.    A Universal Serial Bus that allows for a podcaster to create and build their podcasts at anywhere and at anytime – the bus, while traveling to another location, another hotel room and just wherever you are going.

This whole podcasting pack is very much inexpensive even when the package has all the essential things that you may need to do your first podcasting event.  

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